How To Start Your Social Media Content Calendar In Real Estate

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Social Media Content Calendar

If you’re a real estate agent, you know how difficult it is to persuade someone to take action and how much effort you have to make.

We all know how important it is to have an engaging online presence to boost your business and marketing efforts.

But can you imagine what real estate would be without social media? Because we don’t.

Some of the most vital steps towards success when setting up your social media strategy are knowing your goals and staying organized.

Staying consistent and relevant are key components each realtor should identify from the beginning. The best way to boost your online presence is to create a social media content calendar.

Here are some essential practices that you can follow to get inspiration and create a successful content calendar.

Find your platforms and build your business accounts

Social Media Platforms

The most critical task is getting to know each platform and learning how to use it. Half of the work is done if you understand completely which platforms are best for you, which type of content works best and how to post it, depending on the channel. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could be your starting points, and if you feel more creative, you can add Pinterest to the list.

Organize and schedule your posts following a sequence of topics

Social Media Posts

The second most important thing is scheduling. You should decide which days and how many posts you want to share with your audience during a week and plan your content ideas.

For example, suppose you want to share three posts per week. In that case, you can decide that one post will be informational to educate your audience, one promotional to showcase your business, and one with real estate tips.

If you feel like you need more ideas, you can share more posts with local information and advice, events, holidays specials, quotes, house viewings, success stories from your agency, industry insights, and market trends.

There are so many potential topics that you can share, but to succeed, you need to understand and offer what your potential customers want to see from you.

Customize your posts and use captivating photos & videos

social media photos

If your goals are to increase your brand awareness, establish yourself as a real professional, and truly engage with your audience, customizing your posts could be a great start. 

You can use Canva, which offers a free and paid version to create your posts and a few templates to maintain a unified style for your brand.

As a realtor, you can imagine that using great visual content (images or videos) can make a significant difference. You can follow this advice for your social media posts but also your website and business too. Everything matters!

Consider investing in good images and videos to gain credibility and improve your agency’s overall appearance.

Use the data before taking further actions

social media data

One of your must-follow strategies is to use all available social media insights and analytics. 

You can understand what your audience prefers, what posts don’t perform well to improve them and change anything that has zero impact on your followers. 

This way, you’ll continue improving your content calendar and create more efficient posts.

We understand that all mentioned above could sound and feel a little overwhelming. So, to eliminate the content chaos and help every content writer, we created ContentCory. A simple-to-use social media content calendar with many features to help you stay organized.

So, are you ready to explore the best social media calendar for real estate agents? Just sign up for your 14-day trial!

Want to get your social media calendar organized?
ContentCory helps you to create a beautiful, simple social media content calendar.
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