Social Media Content Calendar For Photographers

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Content Calendar For Photographers

Every photographer uses a camera to tell a story. Visual content is considered one of the most powerful ways to bring a message to the world. 

Social media, especially for photographers, if done right, can be valuable not only to share their art but promote their business and expand their marketing efforts.

An essential tool for anyone who creates content on social media is to have a simple, easy-to-use, yet organized content calendar

Why is a social media content calendar a photographer’s must-have?

Why is a social media content calendar a photographer’s must-have?

Creating social media content can be challenging, especially since every platform demands a different approach. 

Uploading a few posts here and there without consistency or in the wrong way won’t bring the result you’re seeking for your business.

Engaging with your audience and sharing what they expect needs time, inspiration, and organization.

Let’s take a quick look at the four most important tasks you can complete when using a content calendar.

  • Edit, prepare and keep all your posts for each platform in one overview.
  • Save holidays or special events and plan everything accordingly.
  • Track every post from the beginning, having everything accessible. 
  • Plan your posts in a way that fits your schedule, without stressful deadlines and missing days or opportunities.

These are all great in theory, but what about the time that comes when you actually have to sit on your computer and start planning? 

If you are on board with us and have discovered the importance of having a content calendar, continue reading for even more in-depth advice for your social media content as a photographer.

Planning tips and post ideas

Social Media Post Ideas

Let’s discuss a few social media post ideas for a photographer’s calendar and some tips to help you manage your online presence.

Discover each social media platform and use it to your advantage.

social media platform

Every post should be different but what most people do is upload the exact same post to each account. This practice is definitely something you should avoid. 

The best social media platforms to start with as a photographer are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Keep in mind that Instagram and Pinterest are more visual platforms, and you can use them to promote your portfolio, while Facebook is the ultimate player to help your business grow. 

You can also use YouTube to share your videos with anyone interested in more visual content. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you can use this platform to get people to discover more about your service and get a sample of your art. 

Find the days that you’ll post and preserve a pattern. 

post and preserve a pattern

You can plan your posting days to have a schedule and prepare a few things in advance. For example, you can create a weekly, monthly, or even a yearly plan that fits your needs.

Our advice is to pick a specific topic for each day and keep it as a practice for every future post. 

For example, you can share posts relevant to your services on Mondays and promote your work. On Wednesdays, you could share a few professional tips; on Fridays, you can answer questions, and on Saturdays, a few behind-the-scenes moments.

Of course, these ideas are only the tip of the iceberg, but we are pretty sure that you’ll find your inspiration from your work and your audience to continue posting unique content.
If you’re looking for more insightful information and advice, discover our article about the five proven techniques to find amazing new ideas for your social media calendar.

Don’t forget to adjust your plan if anything comes up.

 adjust your plan

Just because you have your social media content ideas created on your calendar, that doesn’t mean you should follow it strictly. You need a calendar to keep your ideas on track but also to find the balance when something important and unexpected happens to rearrange your content.

Let’s recap

successful social media content creator

If you plan to become a successful social media content creator for your photography business, you should not miss the tool that will make your life easier. We strongly believe that a content calendar is what you need to build a robust online presence.

ContentCory Social Media Calendar can be the all-in-one marketing calendar for photographers to organize and manage posts easily. Discover more about its features and start your 14-day free trial to reveal its potential.

Want to get your social media calendar organized?
ContentCory helps you to create a beautiful, simple social media content calendar.
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