What is ContentCory?

Create a Content Calendar with ContentCory
ContentCory helps you to create a beautiful, simple content calendar.
simple content calendar

Simplified Social Content Calendar

ContentCory is a really simple, easy-to-use Social Media Content Calendar.

It focusses on:

  • Giving you a beautiful overview of your content
  • Helping you to easily organise your content by making it searchable, adding tags, notes etc.

Tackling the daily ‘Content Chaos’ with simplicity

Social media tools tend to do a lot: automatic publishing, setting up workflows, analytics, etc. This makes them increasingly difficult to use, complex and expensive.

We choose simplicity and think about what you really need from a tool to tackle the daily ‘content chaos’.

We see users combining many tools to get the job done.
Some will use ContentCory together with a scheduling tool, whilst others are just fine publishing directly on social media platforms.


No, ContentCory doesn’t publish/schedule posts

If you are looking for a scheduling tool, there are already tons of those, such as HootsuiteBuffer and Sproutsocial.

Want to get your social media calendar organized?
ContentCory helps you to create a beautiful, simple social media content calendar.
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