Interactive Content—Types of Content to Boost Engagement

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With the ever-growing competition in the online space, it is increasingly important for businesses to create content that stands out and engages their audience. Interactive content is one of the best ways to do this, as it encourages viewers to engage with the content and create an emotional connection actively. 

This article looks at types of interactive content businesses can use to engage their audience and create a lasting impression. You can also find here where to get a content calendar for social media. 

Content Categories That Will Increase Engagement

The best advice I can provide you is to pick a couple and begin experimenting with various interactive content development methods. Once you have enough information to choose which type of content your audience responds to the best, try a few different things and keep producing more of that type of content.

Q&As and Live-Streamed Video

Video is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it entirely rules the internet.

Starting with live video content can be intimidating, especially if you’re an introvert like me. But with time, it gets more straightforward, and it’s worthwhile!

Live content enables you to interact with your audience, get to know them better, and assist them in becoming familiar with you and your business. This interaction and interpersonal component have a significant effect.

Surveys, Multiple-Choice Questions and Tests

People quickly interact with polls and multiple-choice questions, which are very simple to create.

They are also very captivating. Why? Considering that everyone likes to contribute their thoughts and opinions to the conversation!

On Facebook groups and Instagram Stories, you may use polls and questions, and if your YouTube channel has more than 500 subscribers, you can also create polls on the YouTube Community tab.

Exams are also quite well-liked. They’re a terrific way to create interest and catch people’s attention. They are also shareable, making them a great lead-generation tool. You can use online tools like Typeform or Paperform to construct your questionnaire.

Rating Widgets 

Allowing your audience to rate your work is another fantastic way to keep them interested in what you have to say. In your blog articles or website pages, rating widgets are an option.

You can increase your credibility and create more exciting content by displaying the rating results on your website. Reviews and endorsements in user-generated content (UGC) are essential. Let your consumers or clients speak on your behalf!

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most successful tactics, and while it may happen naturally, there’s no reason you can’t encourage your audience to participate. Consider creating shareable content (like a meme) with a suggestion to send to a friend who can relate.

You can entice your current clients to tell others about you and your business, for example, by giving them a gift or a customised story template. You can create a content planner for social media to organise your content. 


Giveaways are a terrific marketing approach since they capture people’s eyes and drive them to interact with your company. You can reward users who share content, tag others in posts, or even encourage your audience to attend live events.

As you’ll be able to reach more people who may not be familiar with your business, increasing the number of shares of your material can also develop into an excellent lead-generation technique.And the reward may be something you sell, a service you offer, or even a gift card, such as one from Amazon or Starbucks.

Carousels & Tabs

Another method for organising text-heavy content is to use tabs and carousels. They are letting users pick what they wish to watch. Also, it keeps the data structured and accessible.

Instead of scrolling through multiple pages, customers might click and find what they’re looking for. Also, it makes your knowledge more interactive, making it much more interesting than just reading lengthy texts.


In recent years, interactive content has become an increasingly important part of digital marketing. It is an effective way to engage and retain audiences, as well as to increase brand awareness. Interactive content can be a powerful tool to boost engagement and build customer relationships. It can be used to create a more personalised and engaging user experience, as well as to drive sales and increase brand loyalty. Lastly, use a content planner to help organise your content!

At ContentCory, you can create a beautiful, simple social media content calendar. Get your social media calendar organised with our content calendar for social media today!

Want to get your social media calendar organized?
ContentCory helps you to create a beautiful, simple social media content calendar.
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